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Dine among
the chandeliers

Many find Operakällaren's Main Dining Room to be one of Sweden’s most beautiful with its original interior of wall paintings, gilded oak panels, suspended panel ceiling and impressive chandeliers. With the addition of large mirrors, new furniture and fixtures, it has been transformed into a modern restaurant.

The Main Dining Room serves international haute cuisine, signed by Stefano Catenacci. Operakällaren has been honored with a star and five red ‘Couvert symbols’, crossed forks and spoons, in Guide Michelin, and a membership in the prestigious association of restaurants "Les Grandes Tables du Monde/Traditions & Qualité".

280 A8331

The Main Dining Room serves international haute cuisine signed by Stefano Catenacci.

280 A8540
280 A8490

Operakällaren has been honored with a star and five ‘Couvert symbols ’in Guide Michelin.

280 A8384


The Chef des Cuisines and Gastronomic Director, Stefano Catenacci, and his staff guarantee to provide the highest level of culinary excellence for our dining guests.

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In our wine cellar you will find a large selection of exquisite wines from all over the world.  Sweden’s largest wine cellar with about 1350 different etiquettes.

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Private Dining

Operakällaren is unique as it’s the only star restaurant in Stockholm offering an exclusive “Private Dining” experience for parties of 2 to 50 people.

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"Running Operakällaren is not like a regular job, it's a lifestyle. You have to think about food around the clock, to find perfection in all components."

Stefano Catenacci

Opening hours

The Main Dining Room is open 
Friday to Saturday 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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Telephone: +46 8 676 58 01
E-mail: matsal@operakallaren.se

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