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DINING at home

Weekend dinner box

Bring Operakällaren home

Experience a culinary dinner signed Operabaren in your home environment. Operabaren now offers a weekend dinner box with classic well-cooked dishes that require almost no effort. New menu every week.


495 SEK per person


How to order

Pre-order the weekend dinner box by emailing us at reservations@operakallaren.se or call 08-6765810, Monday-Thursday 11.00-15.00.

Pick-up or delivery

Pick-up will take place on Fridays in Operabaren.

We have a limited number of dinner boxes per week.

280 A8152
Operakallaren Bakfickan Operabaren Food Renee Kemps 6
Operakallaren Bakfickan Operabaren Food Renee Kemps 10
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