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Main Dining Room

Traditional and exclusive
Christmas buffet

Traditional and exclusive Christmas buffet. We have a long tradition by serving the Christmas buffet in Operakällaren “Main Dining Room”. Our ambition is a “Tasting Menu experience” of eight servings. Some of the courses you will find at the traditional buffet and some will be served from the kitchen. We feel that this is the best experience and that every dish needs to stand alone and not mixed with other flavours. And to give the ultimate experience we recommend our wain pairing togheter with the buffet.

The 8 servings are:

1. Bleak roe from Kalix and lobster with traditional accompaniments, served at the table
2. Herring, select your favorites from the buffet, accompaniments will be served at the table
3. Cold fish and seafood, select your favorites from the buffet
4. “Lutfisk” – Stockfish, served at the table
5. Cold cuts, traditional Swedish cold cuts from the buffet,
6. Warm dishes, from the buffet,
7. French chesses from Androuet, served at the table,
8. Operakällarens sweets and dessert buffet,

For lunch the price is 1000SEK per person, in the evening and during the weekend
1250SEK per person. Children 4-12 years old costs 600SEK, children less than 4 years eats for free.

What to drink?
We serve a fantastic drink paring with the food for those who wants, 8 servings is 1250SEK per person where you start with Champagne for the first course and then continue with our own Beer and aquavit together with the herring, following courses are served with selected wine pairing. We also offer a smaller drink paring with 5 servings for 950SEK.
Of course we have a Grand Cru Pairing of wine for 2750SEK Off course we also offer other drinks and soft drink, our cellar wine list is off course at your disposal.

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