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Main Dining Room

Traditional and exclusive
Christmas table

                                              Operakällaren’s Main Dining Room Christmas table 2022

                                                                                    29/11 till 23/12

A traditional and exclusive Christmas dinner. We have a long tradition of serving a Christmas table in Operakällaren's Main Dining Room. This year we have highered the ambition even further and all servings will be served from the kitchen directly to the table. Our ambition is a “Tasting Menu experience” of eight servings and we truly belive that every dish should be enjoyed on it's own. We will be offering a beverage paring to complete the experience which is a perfect blend of traditional Swedish aquavit, Christmas beer and exquisite wines.

The Christmas table that will be served directly to the table:

1. Lobster and vendace roe from Kalix
2. Pickled herring with condiments
3. Lightly smoked and cured salmon with apple and mustard
4. Traditional stockfish with condiments
5. Cold cuts and warm servings such as Swedish meatballs & Jansson's temptation
6. Cheese dessert
7. Dessert
8. Operakällaren's pastrys and sweets 


The Christmas table lunch cost 1300 SEK from Tuesday-Thursday. All other days cost 1600 SEK.

(The price for dining children from the ages of 4-12 is 1000 SEK without lobster and vendace roe from Kalix and all other children younger than 4 years eat for free)

What to drink?
This year we will be offering a beverage paring where you will start with our own Champagne "Cuvée Operakällaren" as an apertif and continue with Champagne for the lobster and vendace roe from Kalix. For the traditional pickled herring we will be serving our own Christmas inspired beer and the house aquavit "Stenborgare" which has a long and interesting history in the house. The rest of the servings will be paired with carefully selected wines. The beverage pairing cost 1400 SEK.

We would not be Operakällaren if we did not offer a more exclusive Grand Cru wine pairng for the cost of 3500 SEK and we do offer wines by the glass and other soft drinks for those who prefer that.

To make a reservation please email us at matsal@operakallaren.se or give us a call at 08-6765801

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