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Stefano Catenacci

Chef des Cuisines
since 1996

Stefano Catenacci is the Chef des Cuisines at the Operakällaren since 1996 and also responsible for all catering to banquets and dinners at the Royal Castle. In 2010 Stefano was responsible for the dinner at the grand wedding of H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria. Part-owner of Nobis AB since 2001, the group operating Operakällaren, Stallmästaregården, Hotel J, Hotel skeppsholmen and several other venues.

The gastronomic width of the kitchen at the Operakällaren where we have cooks representing several generations, working in restaurants abroad and with skilled colleagues.

280 A8315
280 A8490

Stefano was responsible for the dinner at the grand wedding of H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria.

280 A8182

Stefano Catenacci is the Chef des Cuisines since 1996.

280 A8384

Awards & memberships

- Winner of the Silver medal in the Swedish contest ”The chef of the year” in 1999
- Winner of the Gold medal in the Nordic championship in 1999
- 4th place in the European championship in Bordeaux in 2000
- Elected ”Chef of the Chefs” by the all the major Swedish chefs in 2000
- Award of the Swedish Gastronomic
- Academy’s Gold medal in 2003
- ”The Spoon of Taste” 2007 by Lilla Sällskapet
- "Årets Werner" 2008 by Restauranger & Storhushåll
- Member of Eurotoques
- "La Dance" by M Sandahl Foundations

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